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Thanks to new technologies, the company `Margo` carries out the most volume orders quickly and efficiently. This allows the company `Margo` to cooperate with most well-known brands: `Auchan`,` Lingonberry`, `IKEA` and many others. The assortment, which the company is ready to produce under the order, consists of 1 to 3 layers of napkins with different patterns for taste and color. The scale of production allows us to provide customers with STM products. What exactly can we offer you: 2-3-layer toilet paper, paper towels, Z-assembly dispenser towels. `Margo` is a market leader. Work with large networks is a confirmation of this. Our many years of experience and love for our work, are key in stable cooperation with you. The company `Margo` works on a quality quantity.
Private Label
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Private Label

Stable long-term work with the largest national networks of Ukraine - this is the guarantee of stable work with you. The company `Margo` appreciates each client and takes into account all the wishes. Our task is to provide the highest quality work on time. We use only high-quality raw materials. All napkins are made from 100% cellulose, produced in 24x24 cm and 33x33 cm sizes. We also offer the customer the opportunity to choose the optimal price for napkins. Due to the wide and high-quality assortment from 1-3 layers of napkins, this can be done easily and comfortably. The company `Margo` is European standards. The company ``Margo`` founded a new model for the Ukrainian production of paper napkins in the size of 24x24 cm. And 33x33 cm. In 2010. We have expanded our product range with new products. We have installed the latest technology for the production of toilet paper and paper towels. In 2012 we laid the foundation for the manufacture of Z-fold paper towels for dispensers. Margo LLC offers its own brand - Private Label for large wholesale companies and supermarket chains. Order high-quality and beautiful products from the Ukrainian manufacturer with us. Believe me, the company `Margo` has something to surprise you.
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Margo paper products are a holiday for the home at any time.
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